You need shoes for all facets of your life. Whether you're working, headed to school to pick up your kids, in yoga class, or shopping, ­your footwear and apparel choices need to work with you as you cycle through your daily activities. We believe you should be comfortable and fashionable no matter what you're doing.

We want to help you with your search for footwear that looks great with your wardrobes while providing the comfort *and* fashion you need and want. We've narrowed down the selection for you (unlike our competitors who provide such a broad selection that customers are overwhelmed.)

We have the best of the best. Many say we are like a "mini department store" but have curated the choices to showcase the best brands and current products in the marketplace.

We provide an in-store experience that makes Indigo Plum known for paying attention to customer details, giving just enough choices in style and color while ensuring the products will feel good and last.

"The Indigo Plum staff are so kind and funny! They listen to what you want, give you their honest opinions and don’t make you feel bad if something is out of your price range."

Indigo Plum's product offerings are carefully picked based on what we know you'll love with the quality you deserve.

We're more than just a boutique, too. With deep roots in the footwear industry, we private label our products for ourselves and other companies.